Extrovert vs. Introvert
There is this common misconception about the natural behaviour of extroverts and introverts; extroverts are often times characterized as being lively and talkative, while introverts are naturally quiet and withdrawn.

This isn’t true. It’s correct that when you meet someone shy and quiet they will more likely be and introvert than an extrovert; however, this doesn’t mean that introverts are naturally shy, or that shy people always have to be introverts. On the contrary, introverts can be very talkative and discuss for hours on end about topics that interest them.

The actual definition of an Introvert is someone who draws energy from being alone with their thoughts, while Extroverts draw their energy from being with others.

Introverts are people can who draw energy from being alone with their thoughts. They enjoy, and sometimes even need, a deep conversation with people they trust; they don’t like small talk, or rather often don’t see the point in it. But after a while they will feel the need to be alone again, to recharge and sort out things on their own.

Extroverts on the other hand, are people who draw their energy from being with others. They can enjoy being alone with their ideas and dreams just as an introverts can enjoy being around people, yet after a while they will feel the need to interact with others to fill up their energy.

Exactly. I’ve always considered myself an introvert despite being outgoing in social settings.

This is one of the reasons I consider myself to be an introvert. I can be really outgoing (even completely obnoxious, actually) around people I know or when it comes to subjects that I love or that get me fired up, but for the most part I’m an introvert and that ‘recharging’ alone time is absolutely crucial for me. That also probably has something to do with social anxiety, but still, I feel like it’s as much my personality as it is anxiety-related.

That top picture is like a total caricature of the lady I work with talking at me (I am the blue one).

omg so true, introvert so me, i can talk a lot but not big on small talk with unimportant friends and about things i don’t feel a need to talk about

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